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The government has initiated a phased reopening of schools across the country even as it sees a surge in the number of coronavirus cases in recent days. The image shows classrooms being disinfected by quarantine workers before students enter the premises of a school in Seoul. In the first phase of reopening, high school seniors returned to classes on May 20 for a session that was meant to begin in March this year. Teachers check partition walls installed to ensure students' safety as they return to classrooms in Daegu, South Korea. In late February, the city of Daegu reported the first large coronavirus outbreak outside of China, resulting in a huge spike in South Korea's COVID-19 infections.

A significant proportion of those infected have already made a full recovery. At the moment, there are only a few countries whose nationals have been outright banned from entry to South Korea due to high numbers of Coronavirus cult. Since April 1st, a compulsory 14-day quarantine has been in place for all passengers arriving in South Korea, who will be required to be isolated at government-designated facilities at their own expense. Any passengers showing COVID-19 symptoms will be required to undergo testing at the airport upon arrival. However, any foreign citizens who are long-term travelers or hold a residential permit will be allowed to self-quarantine at their own residence. Some of these individuals will be exempt from the quarantine requirement if traveling for humanitarian, diplomatic, business, or academic purposes, on the condition they hold a pre-approved waiver from an embassy or consulate of South Korea.

TOP FIVE KOREAN CULTURE CLUES YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE HEADING TO THE OLYMPICS! Plan to do some business while partying on the Pyeongchang slopes? Don’t… unless you can answer these five questions about Korean culture. Don’t worry: the answers are at the end of the quiz! 1. After many meetings and several weeks of negotiations, the date for signing the papers of Agreement has arrived. This is a very exciting moment for both your company and the Korean company with whom you will now be partnering on a major project. As the representatives from both teams look on, you and your Korean counterpart sit down at the table, as the final documents are presented for your respective signatures.

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