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Moreover, the increased staffing capacity prevented individual health care workers from having to overextend themselves and risk conditions that might place them at a higher risk of infection. As the outbreak in Daegu was brought under control, about four providers from other regions remained at the beginning of May while most health care workers returned home. Many physician volunteers involved in the public health response remained alongside the Daegu health care workforce in case of a second wave of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

And despite having no security clearance or holding a position in the government, Soon-sil edited many of Guen-hye's speeches, influencing South Korea COVID-19 Korea's public policy. 70 million in corporate donations, allegedly for her own personal gain. Soon-sil also is accused of using her influence over Guen-hye to get friends and associates government jobs. Guen-hye's approval rating fell to single digits once South Korean citizens discovered Soon-sil was editing speeches, and Guen-hye was ultimately impeached and is on trial for corruption. She maintains that Soon-sil is just a friend she relied on too much, but that otherwise, nothing inappropriate occurred.

By googling the name of the organization I could not find much, as it was going to be organized for the first time. Eventually, the prospect of discussing actions for more peaceful societies, meeting representatives from youth organizations from all over the world and seeing the country convinced me to join the peace summit. Upon arrival at the airport I was welcomed by a big group of members of the organization, which was quite a surprise. All day attendants of the Summit were arriving, and they got a warm welcome. I was asked to go on a picture with ‘my’ arrival team, together with two persons in big suits, like mascots. Well, the picture explains it best.

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